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San Marcos Towing offers top quality towing and roadside assistance services for light vehicles, small cars, RVs, semi-trucks, heavy-duty vehicles, motorcycles, buses, and more throughout San Marcos and surrounding a eas. Together with our sister company, we partner with some of the largest towing fleets in the San Marcos area. For more than 5 years we have been active in the towing and vehicle recovery industry, offering full tow truck services all over San Marcos that include the following:

Emergency roadside assistance
Heavy duty towing
Medium duty towing
Flatbed tow service
Jump start and dead battery replacement
Tire repair including flat or burst tires
Vehicle recovery, winching & off-road recovery
Accident removal wrecker service
Motorcycle towing & assistance
Long distance towing
Private property towing
Junk car removal

Has your car broken down on the roadside? Give us a call for an immediate response, and we will send out a driver.

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Specially Trained & Certified Tow Truck Drivers

Our professionally trained team of tow truck drivers regularly deal with the AAA and Highway Patrol for car breakdown towing and emergency roadside assistance. You can rest easy knowing you are in professional hands. Our drivers will get to you within forty-five minutes or less after dispatch.

We take exceptional pride in the quality of our services and work to only the highest level of standards when handling your vehicle. This means that our customers always have peace of mind when using our vehicle breakdown recovery and transportation services. We are so confident in our ability to provide you with the best professional towing service in your area that we are willing to hang our name on it.

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What Are Typical San Marcos Rates?

Many factors can affect pricing including what type of vehicle, geographic location, time of day, and mechanical condition. Usually there is a fixed hook up rate plus the price per mile covered that doesn’t include extra charges for mechanical issues or unusual circumstances. Our company offers reasonable and competitive prices as well as adhere to industry pricing standards.

Which tow truck type will I need for my vehicle?

Often, flatbed/light-duty towing trucks are more than capable of handling small jobs such as small trucks, etc. We can also supply heavy duty equipment to handle semi-trucks, RVs, and motorhomes and our flatbed tow truck operators are highly skilled in handling all types of towing and vehicle shipping.


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Private Property Towing Services & Car Impounds

Do you own a private car parking zone and have problems with abandoned vehicles, for sale vehicles, fire lane violations or cars parking in spots in which they’re not assigned? We also offer expert junk vehicle removal, vehicle impounds and personal property towing services.

Heavy Duty Towing

We offer fast and affordable heavy duty towing services for your RV, box truck or big rig. Our superior towing equipment includes heavy duty tow trucks required to tow heavy equipment and other objects that weigh more than 10,000 lbs.

Want to transport or tow a box truck or RV for 10-100 miles? Whether you need your vehicle towed for ten miles or one hundred miles, our long distance vehicle towing services are at your disposal and our experts are ready to assist you. Our heavy-duty equipment coordinated with experienced operators will make the job look like a snap.

Wrecker service

Need your vehicle towed immediately? We will send out an available tow truck closest to your locations. We have many class A licensed and CDL drivers for you. As our fleet is large there is hopefully a good chance one of our operators is close by for fast help.

If you want to have a larger vehicle towed or winched, our team of experts are always available to give you a hand. If you are in the north or south county areas of San Diego, we guarantee you don’t have to look further than for a tow truck operator that knows his stuff.

Long Distance Towing

What qualifies as long distance towing? Short distance towing services typically are not as complicated as long distance towing services, and hence the method required to move a vehicle isn’t usually that important. Conversely, towing for longer distances usually requires more care regarding method and vehicle type While a car dolly is perfectly adequate to move a vehicle across town to your local repair shop or dealer, longer towing distances may need something more robust.

Towing laws and vehicle codes vary from one state to another. All our tow truck drivers and operators have undergone rigorous training and are familiar with the county laws in California. Our drivers are courteous and professional and will always aim to provide the top San Marcos towing services.

Thanks for checking us out, and if you love our services, be sure to include our contact information in your emergency contact list should you need our services in the future.

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